Doodle Your Mind Away


”Doodle Your Mind Away” was created by a group of students (including myself), for the open day at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, department of design.
The book was handed out as an introduction and a playful welcoming gift for future students visiting the school. Our goal was to encourage visitors to draw and doodle in the book as they went trough the school.

I drew the cover of the book; everything was made in grayscale, so that it could be printed on the schools risograph. We printed the cover in red, and the pages inside green.

  • Fellow group members:
  • Kristina Hyll Bjerknes
  • Rán Flygenring
  • Audun Lønning Gjerdi
  • Sarah Brinkmann
  • Format: w13,5 cm x h19,5 cm
  • Pages: 34
  • Ink drawings colored in Photoshop
  • Printed with Risograph

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